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Text Box: Pain Relief Ointment

· Relief from Arthritis Pain

· Sore Muscles

· Backache

· Sports Stress

· Relief from Insect Bites

· Stops Itching for hours.


Pure Herbal Formula For A Relaxing Massage. 

Loosen up tight muscles and associated soreness. 


For minor aches and pains, simple backache, sports strains such as overexertion, bruises, pulled muscles, soreness and sprains.


Apply to affected area.  Gently massage into the skin.

All Natural Ingredients.  No Chemicals.

Phone:     0425 854085



This is NOT your everyday massage oil. 


Kwozzie is a SOLID  STICK  that you can take anywhere. 


It comes in a handy 2oz twist-up tube.  Keep one in your sports bag.


Made of All Natural Ingredients and NO chemicals. 


Active ingredients: - Emu oil and a special blending of

                selected essential oils.


Also contains Almond Oil and Beeswax.


All the benefits of a professional massage with just a gentle rub.


You will be AMAZED with the results. 




Online Price - $18.00

Plus Postage





Treat  A  Loved  One.

Buy 2 for $32.00

Plus Postage




Bigger discounts for larger orders.

Just a few Testimonials:


Within 2 minutes of applying your creme, I was able to lift my arm over my head. For the last 2 years prior to the application, I could only lift my arm to horizontal position. Thank you so much for the freedom. - Marion, Melbourne, Australia.


My Arthritis in my right knee would wake me 5 times a night.  When I wanted to turn over, I had to hold my knee then turn in much pain.  From the very first night I tried Kwozzie I slept right through the night.  I faithfully applied it every night for 3 months, before going to bed as I didn’t want to be waking in pain.  Well, one night in winter I lay in bed and remembered that I hadn’t put my ointment on.  I didn’t want to get up into the cold night, so I thought to myself: “Oh well, it looks like I will be waking up 5 times like before.  To my surprise, I slept right through and now I only put my ointment on if I have any aches or strains.  No more Arthritis???  I don’t know, but if it does come back, I have the secret weapon, Kwozzie.  Ray, Melbourne.


My cousin brought a tube to me when she came ‘home’ on holiday from Australia.  I suffered with Tennis elbow for many years and my cousin had been benefiting from using Kwozzie on her problem elbow.  I love it!  Every time family or friends go for a holiday to Australia, I notify my cousin and she gets in extra supplies of Kwozzie for me.  Jenny, Sheffield, England.





Also takes away the itchiness of insect bites for immediate relief.

Try it now and see what you have been missing out on.

Once you have tried the Best, you will forget about all the rest.

Online Price: $18.00  (Reg. $19.95ea.) Plus Postage



SUPER  SAVER - Buy 2 for $32.00  Plus Postage - Get an EXTRA tube for a loved one. 



At the moment we have satisfied customers in Ireland, England, Switzerland, South Africa,

New Zealand and Australia.


I am happy to answer any questions related to this product.